Meet the Dog that started it all and our first client



Top Line Priority began servicing New York State in early 2018 founded by Practitoner Taylor. Growing up with Chiropractic Care Taylor was always interested in natural pain relief. In her college years she learned about MAGNAWAVE and PEMF Therapy. It was easy to see the results, even after just one session, which she found to be amazing. During her final year of college Diva, her canine, tore her CCL. Deciding that surgery would be the best option for the leg after trying stabilization methods and supplementing to aid healing with unfortunetly no progress. Knowing the healing power behind PEMF Therapy she decided that she would begin her journey with starting up Top Line Priority and Diva would be her first client post surgery. 

Taylor P.


Taylor grew up in Pennsylvania where she competed in the Sport Horse Arabian World and was heavily involved in a 4-H Equine Club . She left PA to recieve her college degree in New York State, finishing her 4 year degree in 3 years. Meeting her fiance at college they decided after graduation that staying in New York was the right option. Since then their family has grown with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 horses.